Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Edition Review

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Everyone knows how awesome Nathan Drake is. Nolan North is practically a household name because of the Drake character, and the games have been praised throughout the PS3 lifespan. However, I came to the PS3 console very late in its cycle and missed out on all of the Uncharted games. Now, with the PS4 Uncharted Bundle that my husband lovingly bought me for Christmas, I’m getting my chance to look at these games, coming to them completely unfamiliar with the series, other than their rock star status in the gaming world.

Uncharted 1 PS4 v PS3Klaitu eagerly watched while I fired up the game. He’s loved all of the Uncharted games, commenting about how impressed he was with the it when it first came out, and his memories of it being the first “real” game to come out on the PS3 that wasn’t just launch title fodder.

My initial thoughts on the game were about how pretty it was, though it was no slouch on graphics when it came out eight years ago. From what I can tell from side by side screenshots, the real star of the remastered version of this game is the dynamic lighting. Lighting can make a big difference, but the graphical bones of the game are still the same. Klaitu remarked that it was much sharper than he remembered, and he oooh’d and aaaah’d respectfully. Though Drake’s roguish five o’clock shadow is certainly well worth the remastering, am I right ladies?

“Drake’s roguish five o’clock shadow is certainly well worth the remastering, am I right ladies?”

The music also stood out, and the voice acting was, of course, excellent. All of the characters were funny, had interesting dialog, and the story was great. Unfortunately, getting to the entertaining parts of the chapters proved to be less than fun. I don’t know where the rotating door was that they kept funneling enemies out of, but after killing about fifty of them per area, it quickly got tedious. The climbing and jumping was fun enough, the puzzles were challenging in a fun way, but the amount of enemies provided seemed like an artificial way to extend the playtime of the game. After getting through 50% of the game, Klaitu noticed I wasn’t having fun at all and recommended I just watch a YouTube video of the remastered cutscenes. Eventually, I gave in. I know, blasphemy! However, I didn’t want dated gameplay to stand in the way of my enjoying a great series, and Klaitu assured me the other two games were greatly improved over the first.

Uncharted Drakes Fortune HenchmenThis game just didn’t click with me. The story and characters certainly did, but the gameplay was painful. I’m hoping that the next game in the series is the fun experience for me that everyone seemed to have had with the series when it originally came out. However, it wouldn’t be fair to tell you not to buy it, as it’s a part of a greater whole. You can’t buy the remastered edition separately, and just what I’ve seen from the first hour of Uncharted: Among Thieves tells me this purchase is worth it. So, my suggestion is to watch the cutscenes if you find yourself frustrated with the gameplay, and then move on to the later games.

Verdict – Buy

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