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No Man’s Sky!! So crazy, that we could now happily go out, buy it, and venture into this vast universe that we’ve longed for so.. long..

As always, I took some pictures because, hey, someone has to be a super ultra dork around here. Might as well be me.


The contents aren’t great in number, but they’re really nice to look at and appreciate if you’re interested in the universe. It’s a steelbook – which is always awesome, I don’t care what you say – a comic, DLC, aaaaaaaaaaaand…


The art book!


The art book is great to look at, as all art books are. And it really gets into the slight to drastic difference in character models and ships and such.


Showing off how one model can spawn so many other different models. And it also shows off the different landscapes and the types of fauna that can be found for each landscape. It’s a really cool book to have, especially for such a world.


And the comic contains 2 stories based in the No Man’s Sky universe. One, the comic you see here. And the other is an actual story. I haven’t read the story yet, but looks as if it’s set up like an old, sci-fi adventure type book that inspired the game so much.


The comic is really interesting and gives an awesome sense of the universe and shows you depth of character as far as the Gek – an alien species you encounter – goes.  The DLC provided also helps out a bit when you get started but I could see it quickly running its course and needing something better.

As talked about briefly at extensive lengths on Ep. 49 of Future Monkeys, we’re pretty hyped for what we’ve experienced so far. There is so much room for improvement with a lot the game has to offer, but for what it is right now? It’s something special.


I mean, the ability to get in a ship, fly around a planet, get bored, leave the atmosphere, see another planet, fly to it and explore that one.. Then repeat it over and over, being able to see so many different worlds and systems, all catering to your desires and wants. It’s an amazing exploration game. If you love space, I think you’ll be happy to get this game and just explore. I see myself flying to a planet and just sitting there admiring it and then flying off to another. Once you get deeper in the game and you have more freedom to travel around, the universe is your playground.


Yes, it comes with a few snags that you have to get used to. Again, we talked about a lot of the pros and cons of the game during Ep. 49. So I recommend getting into that if you’re at all curious. Once you have, don’t be afraid to breathe life into the forums and hold a discussion. Because I’m telling you right now, there’s going to be a lot to talk about in this game once you get going.

And if you’re really curious, I have my first 4 hours of gameplay below! Skip around and see what it’s all about. Well, what it’s generally about.

Is it a game to you? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

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