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Contents & Bonuses

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    Metroid Samus Returns Game

    Duh. But seriously, it’s an awesome game.

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    25 Track Sound Selection CD

    A sound track with music from not only Samus Returns, but the Metroid Prime series, Super Metroid, and other tracks from across the franchise.

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    Reversible Title Sheet Insert

    One of the coolest reversible inserts for a game case I’ve ever seen. It really brings you back to the good ol’ days and is a great part of the Special Edition if you’re an admirer of collecting cases.

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    Only $10 More than standard

    Nope, no triple digit price tag here. An extra $10 was able to nab you some sweet tunes and a super cool and special game case.


If you were lucky enough to get a pre-order in for this bad boy, then I’m sure you’re enjoying it. I’m a sucker for game soundtracks and that was the main appeal of the Special Edition for me. That was, until I saw the reversible cover. Then this turned into a must-have in an instant.

Seriously, how freaking cool is this?! The nuclear green screenshots on the back showing us how old we actually are. The cover with the huge “Game Boy” written on the edge that just screams “80’s” at you.

Everything right down to the Nintendo Seal of Approval just got me all hot and bothered. I thought I was going to keep the 3DS cover on because otherwise it would stand out like a sore thumb in my 3DS collection. But after flipping it around and seeing it in its glory there ain’t no way it’s ever getting changed.

Then you have the sound selection CD which isn’t anything to sneeze at. 25 tracks is mighty beefy for just a selection, but it’s so many good tracks from a lot of great Metroid games (and Other M, too). This is going to be a great addition to my gaming soundtrack collection.

So how about you, did you manage to pick up the Special Edition of Samus Returns? What did you think? Are you enjoying the game? Be sure to let us know by tweeting or by calling and leaving a voicemail! We’ll shout you out and talk about it on the next show! 

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