Episode 87 – No Stone Unturned

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I know, right?! It’s as if we sitting around recuperating our mangled privates. Speaking of which, Beardy is doing just fine. He covers briefly how his surgery went, and be thankful you didn’t get all the details. During his recovery time he managed to finish Mario + Rabbids, get his kid hooked on the beautiful visuals of Cuphead, learned that … Read More

Episode 86 – Who’s Your Sponge Daddy?!

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Los and Beardy are back another week to talk games! Or, try to talk games. As you’ll be able to tell, we just learned how to speak english so bear with us. It was also our first ever live show! We turned on the lights to the Discord recording studio and it wasn’t a complete train wreck. So be sure to … Read More

Unboxing | Metroid Samus Returns Amiibo

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It seems like every other week I’m saying I’m done with amiibos. But every time I leave they just pull me back in! At least I keep it to franchises that mean something to me and/or have good functionality. Uniqueness is a huge plus too. Hmm.. I guess I have to break down amiibos too, huh? UGH! “In the vast … Read More

Episode 85 – Irma Gerd

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Then he gets into the other storm that arrived just a few days before Irma.. Destiny 2! Gather round and hear the story of the hunt for the Limited Edition that Los HAD pre-ordered, but cancelled it a few weeks before. Yeah… Exactly. Beardy gets all worked up with the hurricane talk and tries to seduce us with his vast … Read More

Monkey Shorts: The Nutz and Balls of E3 2017

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In today’s entry I will be covering the Monkey Nutz and Monkey Balls awards of E3. Essentially the Nutz are the tasty good stuff and the Balls are sweaty and probably smelly moments of the show. And now for the disclaimer: All Nutz and Balls awards are of the opinion of Jam only and do not represent the options of … Read More

Monkey Shorts: Life Left in the Nintendo 3DS

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  Hi! I’m Jamalais. It’s been a long road, but I’m finally here to add to the Future Monkeys blog. Future Monkeys is a wonderful podcast featuring genuine lovely folk from the gaming community. I am a huge supporter of the work these fine folk do and wanted to contribute when I could. Due to circumstances that I may explain … Read More