Unboxing | Nintendo 2DS XL Poké Ball Edition

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I’m fairly new to all this Poké madness. I didn’t get into the series until Sun & Moon, which in case you didn’t know, came out only one year ago. So in the grand scope of things, I’m still a baby to everything Pokémon. Still though, that doesn’t stop me from loving it all! And I’m even luckier in that I have … Read More

Unboxing | Destiny 2 Limited Edition

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Kind of expected, but not always guaranteed with a Limited Edition. Looking at you, Mass Effect Andromeda remote controlled Nomad… The beef of the goodies. Worth $35 on its own, this makes it all worth it. C’mon now. What WOULDN’T you do for a steelbook case? I know my list is short. Sweet, precious loot. Legendary sword, legendary emote, Cabal … Read More

Unboxing | No Man’s Sky Limited Edition

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No Man’s Sky!! So crazy, that we could now happily go out, buy it, and venture into this vast universe that we’ve longed for so.. long.. As always, I took some pictures because, hey, someone has to be a super ultra dork around here. Might as well be me. The contents aren’t great in number, but they’re really nice to … Read More