Unboxing | Nintendo 2DS XL Poké Ball Edition

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I’m fairly new to all this Poké madness. I didn’t get into the series until Sun & Moon, which in case you didn’t know, came out only one year ago. So in the grand scope of things, I’m still a baby to everything Pokémon. Still though, that doesn’t stop me from loving it all! And I’m even luckier in that I have … Read More

Monkey Shorts: Life Left in the Nintendo 3DS

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  Hi! I’m Jamalais. It’s been a long road, but I’m finally here to add to the Future Monkeys blog. Future Monkeys is a wonderful podcast featuring genuine lovely folk from the gaming community. I am a huge supporter of the work these fine folk do and wanted to contribute when I could. Due to circumstances that I may explain … Read More

Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations Review

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Official Website Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations pays homage to the old style of adventure game, while still keeping it fresh and being accessible to players of all ages. Also, you know, it’s Adventure Time which makes it three times as awesome. Dance Party! Dance Party! Sectioned into five chapters (or rather “graybles” presented by our old pal, Cuber) … Read More