Monkey Shorts: Life Left in the Nintendo 3DS

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Hi! I’m Jamalais. It’s been a long road, but I’m finally here to add to the Future Monkeys blog. Future Monkeys is a wonderful podcast featuring genuine lovely folk from the gaming community. I am a huge supporter of the work these fine folk do and wanted to contribute when I could. Due to circumstances that I may explain in more detail later, I just have not got around to contributing, but now that I am returning to a routine I wanted to make a start.

For those new, my name is James, but most know me as ‘JAM’, the English fella from Gaming History 101, Gaming History X and Horror 101 (that’s a lotta 101’s). I have been passionate about games since I was a little fella sitting on my mother’s lap watching her play Rainbow Islands on the Amstrad home computer. Since then I have always tended to have a controller in hand, or most likely these days, a portable system. I love how video games have the power to move us and bring us together. I particularly love sharing the hobby with other people, and my fondest gaming memories are those shared with others. Whether it’s on the couch, online, or sharing stories of single player games with folk. I rarely had friends to share this hobby with, as where I’m from, it’s kind of frowned upon. The internet made that lonely world smaller and I have been very thankful to be able to share the passion on Gaming History 101 and now Future Monkeys. Please enjoy my rambles and thank you so much for reading.

Today’s Monkey Shorts:

Life Left in the 3DS

While The Nintendo Switch appears to be doing very well in terms of sales and popularity (even if you can’t find one in the stores still). It appears Nintendo still has not given up on the 3DS, a system that had a rough start, but ended up out performing the Wii U and holding its own in a very competitive mobile market. Yes, it outsold the PS Vita but that system didn’t exactly set the world on fire, sadly. Popular opinion seems to be currently that the 3DS has now had its day and it’s time for it to take a long boat ride into the West on a beautiful retirement. Of course, Nintendo has other plans.

Recently the New 2DS XL was announced. A sexy looking version of the New 3DS XL just without the 3D. While I have joked myself that the 3D is completely optional and you can turn it off if it upsets you so much, this simple announcement of a new sexy looking system that has been out for years still got heads turning. Let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it. The 3DS is still a massive selling console with a huge back catalog of quality portable titles. While the Nintendo Switch certainly advertises the luxury of a console grade game you can play anywhere, anytime, with anyone. It is, at the end of the day, a system over double the cost of the 3DS. If we are talking the NEW 2DS it is less than half the price of a Nintendo Switch (in the U.K the switch retails for £279.99 and the New 2DS is looking to retail at £129.99 on launch). Not only that, there aren’t a lot of games for the Switch currently and it’s still quite hard to find the system at retail due to Nintendo’s shoddy distribution. I visited four retail stores over the weekend and none of them had Nintendo Switches in stock. While the Switch certainly acts like the new ‘shiny’ we all want to get, it may not yet be the most accessible system for the reasons mentioned.

Some have criticized the point of the New 2DS system when most of us already own a New 3DS. Well one audience that will certainly show a interest are parents. Parents with young children may be a little more tempted by the New 2DS over the Switch since it’s cheaper and will probably be easier to find at retail. The massive amount of games available (which are also cheaper than Switch games too) will ensure little Tony or Tina won’t be bored anytime soon. Also even though the Switch advertises the AAA card (play Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone) you can actually do that with the New 2DS and most likely for longer to as the battery probably lasts longer.

This article is by no means a Switch or Nintendo bashing article, in a way it’s a New 2DS defense article. While yes it makes sense for those with the funds to move to the Switch and never look back, that’s not possible for all gamers, and it completely makes sense why Nintendo won’t let go of it just yet. Going all in on the Switch will alienate a huge audience of gamers who just can’t afford the ludicrous prices of the Switch. Not only is the New 2DS coming out this Summer but several new games are going to be arriving in the coming months showing Nintendo’s continued support for the system. Let’s finish this article by exploring those titles now.

  • Harvest Moon: Skytree Village (recently released in Europe) – It’s a Harvest Moon game. It’s like that little game you may have heard of called Stardew Valley where you live the happy farm life. Well, it’s like that, only about 500 games in the series came before it. In all seriousness, Harvest Moon has a massive following of fans, and I really don’t want to upset them as those guys are more terrifying than hardcore Nintendo fans.

  • Miitopia – Not really entirely sure what this game is. It’s from the makers of Tomodachi Life and from what I have found out its basically casting your old Miis you saved on your 3DS in a RPG. Only hijinks ensue I guess. It features relationship building and jazz, so I guess be cautious you don’t accidentally hook up your Mii character with one of those that you made for one of your parents. That could be weird.

  • Hey! Pikmin – It’s basically a 2D Pikmin puzzle game. It’s a shame this is all it is, as a portable Pikmin game that makes use of the bottom touch screen sounded like a grand idea. But HEY! Pikmin 4 is probably ages away so this might just tied you over till then.

  • Dr. Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused? – A game that wins the award for longest 3DS title ever and proof Nintendo has a sense of humour when it comes to brain training. The Dr guys has friggin devil horns people. It’s brain training, not more to say really but at least it is going to be released as a budget title. Everyone brought the original DS version but somehow I’m not so sure people will go nuts for this but well see.

  • Ever Oasis – From the clever fella Koichi Ishii, who had a hand in Secret of Mana, and Zelda: Majora’s Mask, comes are new 3D adventure title with some town management elements. Not a lot is still really known about this. Early demos have shown you running around a 3D area fighting monsters, encouraging town folk to work in the town as well as fight with you. Looks fascinating and has the potential to be a great new IP.

  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (also recently released) – The third 3DS game that is a remake of the second game in the series which was originally released in Japan. This is the games first official localisation out of Japan and is looking to be quite the departure from the usual formula the series is know for. Demos currently shown off feature dungeon crawling elements. The game will still feature tactical RPG gameplay the series is known for but it will be very interesting to see how well this is received. I personally can’t wait.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the 3DS system despite all the silly named systems added over time. Although I do hope the Switch does well and I am happy people are enjoying it. It will be kinda sad to see the dual screen portable system be put to rest. The 3DS has provided me with a ton of entertainment in long work commutes and waiting rooms and I for one will treasure the system for as long as I can. Also the new Fire Emblem game is coming out soon so I’ll be all over that.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this entry.

Have a good one Monkeys.

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