Future Monkeys Cult – Episode 1

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Welcome to the first episode of Future Monkeys Cult!

The awesome community here at Future Monkeys happens to have quite a few dedicated Destiny players. So it was only a matter of time before we got together to put a show out! With two familiar voices and two totally new ones from the community, we hope you enjoy the things we have to say!

In this episode, Jen, Yummy, Duane, and Los all get into their history with the game. The things that drew them in, the grind all Guardians went through in the beginning, and why we keep coming back every night.

We also talk about The Taken King and our general impressions, along with the main topic of the week:

How do we feel about ultimately being forced into The Taken King?

We discuss the terrible fate fans of the game are forced to face if they don’t upgrade. We get into why it’s not fair, how dirty we all felt, and the reasons why we still decided to upgrade. If you are one of these players that experienced or are still experiencing it, let us know what you did!

Then a bonus discussion was had on microtransactions and what they could mean for the game. Along with the mysterious leaked consumable microtransactions that many feared would be coming.

We also get into the Bungie Weekly Update that dropped during the show, along with Iron Banner talk, with a hint of Trials of Osiris, and more!!

We even have a Question of the Whenever! (Since we’re not sure when the next show will be)

How has your luck been with engrams in year 2? Been finding a lot? Things you want/need? Is the Cryptarch still a slimey blue bastard? Let us know!

We had a lot of fun sitting back and talking nothing but Destiny. How did you like it? Be sure to send us feedback! Let us know if you’d like to hear more Future Monkeys Cult shows or any other dedicated shows. You should know the drill by now..

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