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    Alright, let’s start discussing it. Give your input, what’s good, what’s popular, what works best?

    Things to consider:

    Functionality – is easy to use and has equal or more features than hangouts.

    Availability – something that we can all easily get into/download. I, out of everyone, knows how it’s like to try and get people into something new…

    Syncable across platforms – has to have mobile and desktop applications.

    If there’s anything else, let us know!

    This is something that has to be done. Hangouts is going to be dropped like a crazy girlfriend, so we need a replacement.

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    Here’s the latest news if you want to be caught up.

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    Slack! Slack is the answer. Slack is the thing.

    Answering Los’ concerns:

    Functionality: Is basically as good as—heck, better than—Hangouts. Operates as a non-threaded chat stream, so it will feel a lot like the Hangout we currently have. It’s as easy to post pictures and videos, IMO.
    Also, you can have multiple channels! So, if people want to discuss Pokemon Go A LOT, they can form a #pokemongo channel (anyone can do that) and invite people to it. It allows for some focus to discussions, and you get updates to whichever channels you want. We don’t HAVE to do things this way—but we could!
    And! There are also bot integrations! So you can do things like have bots that give custom commands. For example, /giphy whatever will search giphy for “whatever” and return a gif of it. What fun! You can do other, possibly more useful things, like monitoring an RSS feed of the podcast and posting a message whenever a new episode comes out.

    Availability: Clients exist for iOS and Android. I use the Android client on my phone and it’s good enough for the times I have to use it on my phone. There is a web client that is pretty good. And there is a very robust desktop OS X client, which I like a lot! I understand there is a Windows client as well but I haven’t used it.
    The other thing is that you can be signed in to multiple Slack chats at once through the same client, which is nice if you’re like me and you’re already signed into Slack (my main motivation for pushing it recently 🙂 )
    Anyone who is currently in the Slack can invite anyone else by email, so getting people in should be easy. You need to create an account for the EZMU Slack, specifically, which will require an email and password. Once you’re signed up, you can sign in through apps using your password or with a magic link in your email.

    Platforms: As mentioned above: Web, iOS, Android, OS X, Windows…

    It’s really quite good. If you want an invite let me know in a DM here or on the hangout. Just tell me the email address you want me to send the invite to.

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