Episode 95 – Ass Rabbits

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Episode 95


Weekly Update

Welcome… to Los and Beardy After Dark.

Surprise, surprise! After we recorded episode 94 with Trees, Beardy’s internet was behaving so good, we just couldn’t stop talking. Well, that, and we also knew we were going to possibly go a few weeks without a show. With so many voicemails sitting there from our awesome community, we decided to sacrifice some sleep to get you this episode!

Apparently, we should do more late night sessions because we couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves. In between all that smooth n’ sultry jazz and handling ass rabbits, we talked about Beardy’s love/hate relationship with Golf Story, as well as Los’ obsession with his own personal HGTV real life sim game he’s playing with himself. We also dab in some projector talk as teased on twitter.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon for episode 96! If not in two weeks, look for the triumphant return in March! We’re stretching this Road to 100 episodes as long as we can, can ya tell?!

Enjoy the show and let us know any comments, questions, or concerns!

The Primate Weekly

  • Come join our chat over on Discord!!
  • The EZFM Book Club and Pile of Shame Extravaganza! are still going on! Get in the Discord and come participate.
  • Also in the Discord are channels dedicated to Splatoon 2, Pokémon, Stardew Valley, staying fit with our good friend Joe STATE, and Adulting! Which has been getting lots of love lately from Los and his home improvements going on right now.

Quandary of the Fortnight

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so let’s spread the love. 

What is your favorite video game romance?

Was it meaningful? Did it linger in your soul? Was it two dudes and an alien chick? Let us know!

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