Episode 86 – Who’s Your Sponge Daddy?!

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Episode 86


Weekly Update

Los and Beardy are back another week to talk games! Or, try to talk games. As you’ll be able to tell, we just learned how to speak english so bear with us. It was also our first ever live show! We turned on the lights to the Discord recording studio and it wasn’t a complete train wreck. So be sure to join our Discord for the chance to hop on and listen and interact LIVE!

The boys had a nice discussion about the SNES Mini and if we managed to pre-order ours, as well as some old school gaming talk, all thanks to a voicemail from Fred French! They also proclaimed their love for the Switch even after the honeymoon.

As for games, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is testing Beardy’s limits and making him question his abilities as a gamer. But it’s ok, because while he’s acting like he’s watching the football game on Sundays, he’s enjoying Metroid Samus Returns on his 3DS! He also watched Kong: Skull Island and gave it a huge thumbs up! Speaking of thumbs up, thanks to our new sponsors: Scrub Daddy! – When something’s dirty and you gotta get it clean, who’s your daddy?!*

Los has also been enjoying himself some Metroid Samus Returns, and also tried out the demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop for Octopath Traveler. It’s a beautiful 2D JRPG that Los was so inspired by, he became Beardy’s private dancer. He’s also playing (and barely putting a dent in) Destiny 2 and fails miserably at trying to talk Beardy into buying it despite the numerous improvements over the first Destiny.

Enjoy the show and let us know any comments, questions, or concerns!

*Scrub Daddy, unfortunately, are not actually sponsors of the Future Monkeys

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