Episode 84 – Farewell to Yesterjen

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Episode 84


Weekly Update

BACK FROM HIATUS! Told you we’d be back! And here we are all together again… for one more show?!

That’s right, as you may have heard, Jen is leaving the Future Monkeys. We know, the zoo keepers giveth and they taketh away.

But it’s ok! All’s not lost! You still have Beardy and Los and we’ll be here to guide you through the grieving process. Also, you can find Jen on her new show that she’s hosting – Hardcore Casuals!

This week was more of a “hey we’re back! BTW, bye Jen!” kinda show. So you’ll hear voicemails and QOTFN answers from our community, as well as the usual nonsense you know you’ve missed from your favorite primates!

We’re excited to be back and be sure to check out all the links below to get caught up with what we talked about this week!

And to Jen – We’re sad to see you go, but we’d rather set you free than return to have loved at all…. wait a minute, that’s not right.

Jen, you were an OG Monkey on our team of time traveling primates. Your banana lasers will forever be mounted on the wall of the Banana ISS. We’ll be sure to keep them safe from the terrible space butt pirates that plague our path of adventure. Beardy was feeling a little teary eyed and wanted to share a poem. And it’s a collective feeling, so remember, you will be missed.

How do we say goodbye to what we Jenned?
The good times that made us laugh, outweighed the men.
I thought we’d get to see who won the Jenning, but forever has Jen or men or men or Jen the menning.
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday Jen or men or Jen or men?

We love Jen.

The Primate Weekly

Quandary of the Fortnight

If you have a Switch, do you still love it? Is the honeymoon over? If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for?

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