Episode 80 – The Bourbon of Seville

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Episode 80

Weekly Update


This week on Future Monkeys, join LosBeardy and Jen as they talk about….er………..well, all three hosts seem to have forgotten that this is a gaming podcast, except possibly Jen, but she’s afraid to talk about FFXIV again. But they promise they’ll be back into their games soon!

Jen gets propositioned by an old lady she’s convinced is probably a serial killer, while frantically running the other direction from a local adult store. Beardy discovers that whiskey truly is grandpa’s cough medicine, but has a dramatic moment trying to get the bottle opened. And Los is talking cooking shows, and hustling food from family style restaurants on Mothers Day.

Author’s note: The Barber of Seville is an opera, which was also featured in a Looney Tunes episode. It has been brought to my attention that people may not actually know this reference and therefore my attempt at a clever and witty show title may not work as well as I’d hoped. Click here to get cultured.

The Primate Weekly


Question(s) of the week

Question 1: Do you have any interest in a book or comic club?

Question 2: If you could only have one snack for the rest of time, what would it be?

Question 3 with OMG a giveaway! Courtesy of Vo5, this QOTW will enter you for a chance to win a Waddle-Dee Amiibo: Is there a song or album you always associate with a particular game?

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