Episode 78 – Happy Birthday Los

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Episode 78

Weekly Update


This week on Future Monkeys, join Beardy and Jen with special guest Trees, who has a talent for derailing conversations when he’s past his bedtime, but we love him anyway. There was some more Zelda talk (don’t judge, it’s a long endeavor), along with the new Disney Afternoon Game Collection and Lego Worlds, and a quick mention of Final Fantasy XIV.

Trees has been enjoying his time with Zelda, and even though Lego Worlds is “broken” he’s been having fun there too. His neighbors are driving him a little crazy, stealing his political signs and complaining about his shed (get off his lawn, neighbors). Jen has a shiny new zoo membership and is looking forward to walking around somewhere more exciting than the mall. She’s not at all sad that the unicorn frappucino is deceased, and is questioning whether or not fidget toys are effective. Beardy is embracing his inner hipster, with tiny macchiatos and local nano-breweries (it’s only a matter of time before the skinny jeans and plaid shirts come out).

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