Episode 77 – It’s Raining Mice

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Episode 77

Weekly Update


This week on Future Monkeys, join LosBeardy and Jen as they talk about the continuing journeys of Final Fantasy XIV and Zelda, and Beardy has an update for us on the new Banjo-Kazooie Yooka-Laylee game.

We get an abbreviated rundown of the recent Nintendo Direct from Los this week, which was full of things he’s way more excited about than Destiny 2 (even if he did pre-order it for reasons unknown to Jen). He’s underwhelmed by the temples in Zelda, and also traded in his XBone (Beardy and Jen are splitting the Jenning points when he repurchases one six months from now). Jen hasn’t been up to much at all, but celebrated her birthday in the best way possible – beer, video games, and frozen pizza – sans pants thank you very much. Beardy has more run-ins with nature, which apparently hates him a lot, and made banana pancakes (the secret is in the coconut oil, or so he says).


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Question(s) of the week

Question: We have Destiny, Des2ny, and Destiny 3: Des2ny’s Child…so what would you name Destiny 4? (Question courtesy of Vo5 – thanks!)

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