Episode 67 – Games of the Year 2016

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Episode 67


Games we’re talking about this week

It’s that time again – the big Game of the Year roundup! Join Los, Beardy, and Jen as they run through their favorites from the year, and also get an update on how their holidays went down too. We won’t spoil anything for you here – you’re just gonna have to go listen to the show!

The Primate Weekly

Show Music Selection

Opening Music

  • Time is Up…NEXT! – Project Threeville

Closing Music

  • Strings Attached – Project Threeville

We wish that we could provide a link to these guys, but unfortunately they’ve disappeared into the mists of time without a trace. They’re some old friends of Beardy’s who gave him permission to use their awesome music.

Question(s) of the week

You get one more week to answer these, so get on it!

Question 1: What’s your game of the year for 2016?

Question 2: What game did you not get to play that you really wanted to play in 2016?

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