Episode 61 – Titanfall New Leaf: A Fanfic

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Episode 61


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys, join Los, and Jen as they talk about Titanfall 2, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and the new updates coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Jen gives us an update on her Halloween weekend, which involved a slightly lackluster party (but a lot of Smash Brothers playing, so that’s good) and the discovery that she really digs letting her inner goth go free. She also got talked into Titanfall 2, so if you need her she’ll just be over there stepping on people in her Titan.

Los also had some Halloween stories to tell, but his included a lot more mosquitoes and a couple of adorable young wizards. He talks a lot about Animal Crossing – sounds like the Animal Crosser bug has bitten him once again with all the new updates (his PS4 is sad and dusty 🙁 ).

Show Music Selection

Opening Music

  • Time is Up…NEXT! – Project Threeville

Closing Music

  • Strings Attached – Project Threeville

We wish that we could provide a link to these guys, but unfortunately they’ve disappeared into the mists of time without a trace. They’re some old friends of Beardy’s who gave him permission to use their awesome music.

Question(s) of the week

Question: There are a lot of shiny, new shooters available now (Battlefield, Titanfall, Call of Duty, the list goes on) – which one(s) are you focusing your time on, if any?

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Los’ Animal Crossing Info Corner

Animal Crossing Direct

Guide on selling your town

Amiibo FAQ & Updates not mentioned in the Direct

Update Notes from various reddit posts:

  • Amiibo cards invite residents from older games to visit your town in their RV (NOT trailer). In their RV you can buy their special exclusive items and invite them to join your town.
  • New daily tasks from townhall. Various “Do this” or “Catch that” quests that award you with MEOW tickets.
  • MEOW tickets are the currency for the campground (NOT trailer park), and are needed to purchase the special items from traveling villagers and Harvey – The Dude animal.
  • You can scan in any of your AC amiibo to have that character come visit you in the campground and give you special items.
    Other amiibo – Splatoon and Zelda series, for example – can give you special items and can visit your town in an RV. And can even be asked to stay!
  • You can sell your town and start fresh for an obscene amount of bells to Tom Nook. The link to reddit goes into detail on what happens.
  • Your house now includes a new special storage area that can hold 9 pages worth of items and can be accessed from anywhere in the house. You need to have a fully upgraded home (all the rooms) and you need to buy the expansion from Tom Nook.
  • You can rearrange the furniture via touch screen like in Happy Home Designer. It is not automatic. It will become available after the secret room expansion is purchased.
  • New mini games! Playable through in-game Wii U and 3DS systems that you can acquire through various means. (I got my 3DS system from a fortune cookie)
  • Other new fortune cookie items have been added.
  • You can interact with things in front of you while sitting down.
  • MEOW coupons can be exchanged for 3,000 bells each.
  • You can shake trees with equipment in your hands.
  • Glitches have been patched.
  • Social media sharing features for screenshots have been added! Share screenshots to Twitter and Facebook straight from the game.
  • You can use amiibo cards of special NPC’s like Isabel to get their pictures.
  • Moving an amiibo villager into a full town allows you to choose who moves out.

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