Episode 6 – Never Bet Against Vader

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Episode 6

Future Monkeys Podcast Episode 6


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on the Future Monkeys Podcast we talk about Peggle 2, Hyrule Warriors, Alan Wake and Castle in the Darkness

Los is in full control of the time machine as we travel back into the past to talk about Kingdom Hearts, and his interest in a Future with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, with a promise he’ll research it this week and come back with more information about the new game.

We also talked about a few new formating issues for the show. Beginning next week, we will be down to three hosts and each one of us will be getting a week off during the month. This should prevent burn out, shorten the show by some degree, and allow us to more easily have a guest on the show to fill the fourth spot.

We’re also changing the segment lineup, we’re not taking any away, just rearranging them to not scare off anyone who was looking for a videogame podcast only to hear thirty minutes of cat drama from Skari. No one wants that. Least of all Skari.

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Weekly Update

Los’ eldest kiddo starts school this week and has a little trouble getting adjusted, causing some concerned, but we’re hoping it’s all sorted out shortly. He also talks about his lowly backyard pumpkin and shows off some pictures of his backyard during the show on Twitter.Jon-Stewart WWE Summer Slam

Vos discovers he needs an adultier adult to find out how to adult as he gets acquainted with the deepest hells of car tag renewal. Meanwhile, he thinks about changing doctors to someone who might actually listen to full sentences when he’s in the office. He wraps up his talk with a discussion about Xiaolin Chronicles, a reboot of Xiaolin Showdown, and Skari is glad she’s no longer subjected to children’s programming.

Dream Phone BoardgameSkari talks briefly about telling her mother about podcasting, you know, an “internet radio show thingy”, and tries to downplay it a bit so she won’t get excited. Also, Klaitu and Skari have finally hung up the remaining pictures in their apartment and fully hidden the cords that tend to overtake their small living space. It only took four years to get around to, so they feel pretty good about it.

Jen gets her internet fixed, hooray! But feels like she fails at Destiny, boo! (She doesn’t, really.) She also had a steamy game of Dream Phone going on over the weekend, like you do as an adult. Sunday was filled with hours upon hours of wrestling, but she got to check out Jon Stewart on WWE’s Summer Slam, and according to everyone ever on the internet, that was super awesome.

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