Episode 58 – Quandary of the Fortnight

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Episode 58


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys, join Los, Beardy, and Jen as they talk about Dragon Quest Builders, Gears of War 4, and Shovel Knight.

Jen and Los wanted to take a break this week due to sickness and dental work, but Beardy’s power of persuasion convinced them that the show must go on. Beardy swears his magical tears will fix Jen’s sickness, too, but she hasn’t seen any evidence to support this.

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Jen is sick and has spent the last couple of days convalescing on her couch with Dragon Quest Builders. Fortunately, the sickness didn’t hit until after the historic Ohio train ride over the weekend. She also got to meet the new four legged addition to the family.

Beardy is loving his standing desk, and no longer has to take phone calls sitting down (yes! two weeks of mileage on that pun). Remember, kids – when your back is stressed, go Varidesk and work elevated. He spent time in his theater room with his family watching X-Men Apocalypse and had some adventures in wacky Amazon shipping trying to get his hands on the Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition.

Los is rocking a new New 3DS courtesy of his awesome wife, and finds that the smaller model is pocket sized for his convenience. He also has a fun dental experience getting an extra tooth removed…and there may or may not have been an episode of squeamish passing out in the chair. He and his wife are planning to get their vows renewed, too, but since they haven’t won the lottery yet it certainly won’t be happening at Disney with prices like those.

Show Music Selection

Opening Music

  • Time is Up…NEXT! – Project Threeville

Closing Music

  • Strings Attached – Project Threeville

We wish that we could provide a link to these guys, but unfortunately they’ve disappeared into the mists of time without a trace. They’re some old friends of Beardy’s who gave him permission to use their awesome music.

Question(s) of the week

We have another giveaway this week! Answer the QOTW and let us know you want to be entered for the XBox One Gears of War Judgment digital code. We will pull a winner on the next episode! (But feel free to answer even if you don’t want to enter!)

Question: Tell us about a time when you exercised poor judgment in your life. Could be a game, movie, bad first date, or something you said – give us your story!

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