Episode 56 – Elephant in the Room

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Episode 56


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys episode 56, join Los, Beardy, and Jen as they talk about Kirby: Planet Robobot, Dragon Quest VII, Recore, Forza Horizon 3, and some other stuff (like Best Fiends)…and even Destiny may have snuck in there briefly.

There was another giveaway this week, this time for a free Prima game guide and a code for Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Stevie_ng won the Prima guide, and Sha_near won Banjo Kazooie! Congratulations to our two winners this week!

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

This week, Jen is trying very, very hard to avoid the Los and Beardy hypetrain for Star Wars Battlefront, but it remains to be seen whether or not she succeeds. She also finds it very difficult to dodge those adorable, evil, popcorn selling boy scouts at the grocery store. Fortunately it’s easy to relax while she’s out hiking the nature trails at the park, even if her allergies are threatening to kill her (but at least the weather is cooling off!).

Beardy is excited that his house is back to normal now and he can proceed to put up all the Halloween decorations his heart desires. He got some quality Beardy-time with his favorite recliner and many hours of video game enjoyment. His outdoor adventures continue with someone’s free roaming pitbull causing him great anxiety…seriously, people, why are you tormenting our Beardy?

Los goes full handyman with a plunger to the bathtub drain, which works surprisingly well for his needs. He’s been testing out the waters of Swagbucks, but he smells conspiracy as they disqualify him from a lot of surveys after he’s partway through and don’t pay him a fair wage for his time.

Show Music Selection

Opening Music

  • Time is Up…NEXT! – Project Threeville

Closing Music

  • Strings Attached – Project Threeville

We wish that we could provide a link to these guys, but unfortunately they’ve disappeared into the mists of time without a trace. They’re some old friends of Beardy’s who gave him permission to use their awesome music.

Question(s) of the week

What fall/holiday game releases are you excited about? Are there any that make you GET HYPE? Or do you think the game forecast is lame?

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