Episode 51 – Devin: a Good, Strong Name

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Episode 51


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys episode 51, join Los, Beardy, and Jen as they talk about No Man’s Sky, Titanfall 2, World of Warcraft, Toy Soldiers: War Chest, and Mighty No. 9.

There’s also a rather extensive conversation about bagels. Did we mention our new sponsor Thomas’ Bagels? Because when you want a sh*tty donut, just have a bagel!

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Beardy’s words of wisdom fall on deaf ears, but the good news is that there may or may not be anything actually wrong with his roof. Nobody really knows for sure, though, so they’re probably just going to put the ceiling back together and forget this whole thing ever happened. Out of sight, out of mind?

Jen went to an anime con Friday night, but fear of people and cardboard weaponry kept her away from it on Saturday, contrary to her original plan. She also succumbed to peer pressure and started watching Stranger Things so she would fit in with her co-hosts.

Los cleaned his grill racks with an unconventional item and lamented the rising price of epipens (which really is a bunch of BS). He also relates a story of a spooky experience he had at Universal Studios.

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Opening Music

  • Supermoon – 65daysofstatic (No Man’s Sky)

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Question(s) of the week

Question 1: If you had to pay more for PS+, what feature(s) would make it worth the extra money for you?

Question 2: If you could design a slim-model console, what bells and whistles would you add to it?

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