Episode 50 – Pick Up the Slack

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Episode 50


Games we’re talking about this week

Today on Future Monkeys Episode 50, Los, Skari, Jen, and Beardy have the mother of all technical difficulties. This causes the show to go a bit off the rails at some point, and there’s not much game talk to be had (but mostly everyone is still playing No Man’s Sky anyway). The monkeys promise to do better next week.

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

This week, our community gets a little bigger and a little smaller. We’re overjoyed to welcome Dana’s baby boy into the world, but things are bittersweet as Skari says goodbye to the show…at least for now.

Our cup runneth over with question of the week answers this week, which makes Jen super happy even if she does have to read all those tweets. It seems that the universe is about to get a lot of unusual names…

Jen learns that dogs demand equal hot dog chunks for equal amounts of work, while Los takes a much needed staycation. Skari has a baby shower (no melted chocolate bars in diapers though). She now has enough clothes for a new outfit every day until the kid goes to college. As well as a gift for enough nightmares for a lifetime. And Beardy has a great time trying to figure out where and why his house decided to rain on his parade over the weekend.

nightmare clowns

Seriously…what kind of nightmare dolls are these?

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