Episode 49 – Too Much Man’s Sky

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Episode 49


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 49, Beardy McWhiskey, Los, and Jen sit down to talk about No Man’s Sky (a lot), Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and The Fall.

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

This week, technical issues keep Skari from the show and that’s why these show notes are crazy short!

Without Skari to curb the crap awesomeness, there is lots and lots (and lots…and lots…and then some more for good measure) of “No Man’s Sky” talk. But don’t worry it is (mostly) an intelligent and well thought out examination of the human mind and life itself…OR talk about a game that isn’t really a game. Better listen to find out!

Beardy eats a big steaming pile of crow and some questionable pumpkin related food items. He also reveals that he is really a basic Ugg boot wearing white girl.

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Questions of the week

Because we are sadistic, there are three, count ’em THREE questions of the week this time! Answer one, answer all, however you want to play it!

First question: In No Man’s Sky, what would you name a planet/species/star system? Let us know and maybe your name will be featured in our universe!

Second question: What was your favorite Nintendo Power issue growing up?

Third question: What would the Charmander drug actually do to you?

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