Episode 35 – Bye. Maybe a Bank, We’re in the Button!

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Episode 35


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on episode 35, we join Los and Jen with their special guest Joe STATE as they talk about Ratchet and Clank, Enter the Gungeon, Killer Instinct, and the game which shall not be named (ok, it’s Destiny. But don’t tell Skari).

Joe also fills us in on LawBreakers, the arena shooter he got to play on-site with the developer, Boss Key Productions, in Raleigh, NC!

Weekly Update

Joe gets to fly cross-country, all the way to Raleigh, NC to meet up with the development team for LawBreakers, which is awesome! But as soon as he landed for his layover in St. Paul, he gets a text from his wife telling him his stepson has a broken collarbone, which is NOT AT ALL awesome. But even though things were crazy on the home front, he managed to pull it out and have a good time anyway. He also met up with Chase (a/k/a Awakened Heathen) from the Future Monkeys community and had the best vegan pizza he’s ever had at Mellow Mushroom. He got sucked into a trivia competition there and totally cleaned up in the horror movie category…and then promptly got stomped in the country music category by the local 20-somethings at the next table over.

Jen is still living her uneventful life, but has discovered that her sourdough starter makes some very tasty waffles in her brand new budget model waffle iron. She also got a rice cooker for her birthday, but it’s having a bit of an identity crisis because she has only used it to make quinoa and steel-cut oatmeal thus far.

Los is surrounded by his family’s possessions as they try to get adjusted to life in the smaller house, but he isn’t ready to start tossing things out just yet. He purchased an annual pass to Universal Studios for the family knowing that he could get better value out of that than trying to go to Disney very often. His son was able to name a dinosaur that hatched and he can go back any time to check on how it’s doing. Taking advantage of the proximity of family, Los and his wife had an exciting date night…which was COMPLETELY RUINED by being shorted $3 at Best Buy on a trade-in, and culminated in a crazy exciting trip to the grocery store.

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Question of the week

What do you think Skari has REALLY been up to during her time off the show? (And what do you think she’s going to do to Jen and Los for making this the QOTW?)

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