Episode 34 – Enter the Gungan

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Episode 34


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys podcast episode 34, we join Los and Jen with special guest Fred Rojas as they talk about Trials Fusion, Star Wars Battlefront, My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (really, Nintendo, could we add more words to that name?), Enter the Gungan GungeonQuantum Break, and Dead or Alive Extreme 3 Fortune. What a mouthful!

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Fred has been enjoying all you can eat sushi with his interesting friends at the local sushi joint…which manages somehow to be both cheap ($22.00 for all you can eat sushi? sign me up!) and not entirely questionable at the same time.

Jen can only say that her life is dreadfully boring, but she recounts the tale of her emergency grocery store ice cream run over the weekend. And we get an update on her sourdough starter, which is doing extremely well and seems to be developing sentience.

los alligator pit

Los has discovered an alligator pit down the road from the new house. His exploration of the mall uncovered sushi conveyors and interesting ThinkGeek and BoxLunch stores, which he thinks are much better than the bannister that is coming out of the wall at the top of his stairs.

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Question of the week

We coerced Fred into coming up with a QOTW, and this is what he chose! As a special incentive, he’s going to give away a Steam game code and an XBox 360 game code (that’s compatible with XBone) to two randomly drawn names out of the folks who answer! Use #XBoxcode or #Steamcode to let us know in your answer which platform you’re interested in. These games will remain mysterious until they are won, but Fred would like to assure everyone that there is “No $0.99 Humble Bundle BS here.”

The question:

What are you most looking forward to from E3 this year?

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