Episode 33 – Boulder Holders!

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Episode 33


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Podcast Episode 33, we join Los and Jen in discussing the new Miitomo mobile app connected to MyNintendo, the newly-launched replacement for Club Nintendo! And Los does a lot of talking about the Division and his new Xbox One, even though he “hasn’t played any games lately.”

Weekly Update

Los makes his triumphant return to the podcast after a 3 week hiatus to get his family all packed up and relocated to FL. He waxes sentimental about the Bowser sticker on the banister in the old house, but knows that the move was the best thing for the family.

Los-bowser sticker

The kids are getting adjusted and initial interactions with the new school are very promising, huzzah! Trying to unpack and cram all of their stuff from a 4-bedroom house into a 3-bedroom house is a real drag, though. But he’s sure the cardboard forest will be unpacked eventually.

Los-cardboard forest

Meanwhile, Jen is busy playing World of Warcraft and being bummed about her upcoming birthday and the amount of money she doesn’t have after paying rent and bills. Somewhere along the way she decided to make a sourdough starter, which she has affectionately nicknamed Audrey 2 (feed me, Seymour!), and it seems to be happily thriving on top of her computer. She also discovered some weird lip balm that makes her lips tingle…it’s ”not entirely pleasant, but she can’t seem to stop using it.”

Jen-Audrey 2

Show Ending Music

Opening Music

  • Jen is not at liberty to say, but she would like to add the disclaimer that Los is solely responsible for it

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