Episode 31 – A Wild Vos Appears

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Episode 31


Games we’re talking about this week

Today on Future Monkeys Podcast Episode 31, we join Skari, Vos, and Jen in talking about Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Beyond Two Souls, and Spore!

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Vos joins the Monkeys again after a long time away with some new updates on his life, and some great video game talk. He tried Grindr for the first time, and it was dick pics galore!  You know, like you’d expect. However, he did meet one “kinda nice” guy, so maybe it’s not all bad! He’s also been hard at work with his own mental well being, re-balancing medications, and meeting a new therapist that he thinks he likes pretty well. So, that’s all good stuff.

Dangan Ronpa Monobear

Skari’s been on an intense American history kick this week. She’s been watching Crash Course’s US History series, rewatching HBO’s excellent John Adams miniseries, and reading The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, 1783-1789 by Joseph J. Ellis, about the struggle to get the United States actually united, and put the Constitution into place. Besides all that book learnin’ she’s been doing, Klaitu and she have also found a new….Well, newish, place to live. They’ll just be moving into a slightly bigger apartment in their complex, so she’s starting to pack boxes and get ready.

Jen’s been dealing with itchy tattoo problems, and moving offices at work. However, not everything is annoying this week. She got her new Fitbit Alta, which is the new hotness in Fitbit technology. She’s also discovered that World of Warcraft is the world’s greatest game to multitask to, playing it while watching through her entire Anime and Disney movies collection. Finally, she’s been obsessed with her “cat books”, also known as The Warrior Series, a young adult fiction book series about clans of feral cats. Skari thought she might be talking about coffee table books with pictures of cats in them at first, but alas, no such luck.

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