Episode 28 – Farmville Valley

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Episode 28


Games we’re talking about this week

Today on Future Monkeys Episode 28, Skari is sick with a cold, so Ve6a5 took over her spot for the night and sat in with Jen and Los. Thanks, Ve6a5!

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They spend their time talking about Stardew Valley (not Farmville Valley, Los and Ve6a5 are just jealous Jen is playing such an awesome game), Triforce Heroes, Fallout 4, and Gems of War.

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Here’s what Skari’s sick addled brain could grasp from the show notes she was left…God help us.

Los is covered with boxes and no one can hear him screaming anymore. Send help. When they do finally find Los, he’s looking forward to moving closer to family so he and Day can finally have the occasional date night again, along with better schools for their sons. However, living in the shadow of a power plant at his new home won’t be the best view. Still, it’s better than the alternative! Also, here’s a picture of his former back yard. It’s a wonder it was so hard to sell.

Los' back yard

Jen tricked out her computer with a sweet new mechanical keyboard from Corsair (the brand which Skari & Klaitu both use and love), and now knows the magical clicky power of a mechanical keyboard. Also, Ve5a6 has apparently sucked Jen into World of Warcraft for her first ever experience playing the legendary game. Welcome to 2007, Jen!

Ve6a5 had a bit of a awkward encounter at a local Friendly’s where a woman’s unfortunate girth and choice in wardrobe may have made her look a bit like a “Moo Moo Cow” to his young son. Can’t wait to hear how he handled that one. He’s also been watching 11.22.63 on Hulu (Skari can vouch for it, it’s an excellent show), and he managed to score an autograph from Chris Cooper, one of the actors in the show. Nice!

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