Episode 27 – The Girl with the Moogle Tattoo

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Episode 27


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 27, Los and Jen talk about Unravel, Firewatch, World Chef, and Mass Effect.

Weekly Update

Skari skipped out this week, so she has actually no idea what went on, but from the notes she was provided…

Los sold his house! However, moving is the worst circle of hell. Godspeed, Los.

Los is Moving

Apparently at some point there was a 20 minute Harry Potter discussion, so Skari thinks that they probably discussed the upcoming 8th book, but maybe all they did was compare their favorite slash pairings and swoon together over Snape. Really, who knows.

Jen experienced the highs and lows of shopping at IKEA, and then assembling said IKEA products. Skari can only assume there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth during that process, but perhaps the assembly went better than she suspects.

Jen in IKEA

Jen is also is considering a tattoo. Skari attempted to convince Jen pre-show that this Unicorn tattoo, pictured below, was the one to go for, but she seemed skeptical. Whatever, Jen knows the unicorn calls to her.

Unicorn Tattoo

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Opening Music

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