Episode 26 – New Apartment, Ahoy!

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Episode 26


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 26, it’s just Jen and Skari, but they have quite a lot to talk about, including Fran Bow, Crashlands, with a little Undertale and Fallout 4 conversation sprinkled in to boot.

Weekly Update

Friend of the show, Joe STATE, just released his new comic book podcast, TradeWaiters, last week! Skari got a chance to listen to the first episode and is super excited about it. Check it out on the podcast player of your choice!

Billy Bob - FargoSkari hasn’t been up to much, other than binge watching Fargo Season 1 and stressing out about becoming a real adult with a real house payment. Oh, and chronic headaches, for funsies. She just finished Fargo and wholeheartedly recommends it if you’re a fan of the original movie…Billy Bob Thornton plays the most convincing bad guy, without any human morals, she’s seen since No Country for Old Men.

Jen got moved into her new place with the help of coworkers and friends, despite a freak snowstorm that dumped three inches of snow on the road nearly instantly. She was left without internet for the weekend, and her washer had a bit of a leak problem, but she’s now settling in and nearly unpacked. This apartment features such luxuries as windows that keep out wind properly and the ability to make toast and coffee at the same time without losing power. Fancy!

Jen’s also starting on a new venture of building herself a new gaming PC, with the help of various EZFM buddies. Skari thinks this is excellent news and it will allow Jen to do such things as Twitch streaming and playing more recent PC games that she’d otherwise be missing out on. Whoo hoo!

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Question of the week

What’s a non-gamer thing you think we should try? New Movie? Book? TV Series?

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