Episode 24 – Where Every Monkey Knows Your Name

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Episode 24


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 24, Los, Jen, and Skari discuss Disney Infinity 3.0, Her Story, That Dragon, Cancer, Undertale and Gems of War.

As you’ve likely heard, Los and the rest of the Future Monkeys would like to send their condolences to Jay (MeefJ), of the Everyday Gamers Podcast, who recently lost his son after a long battle. If you are able, please consider giving to his family’s GoFundMe account to help them during this time of grief and financial hardship.

Weekly Update

Los had a fun week with the family going to Myrtle Beach and swooning over the sultry sounds of Grease: Live. He’s also been listening to a “War of the Worlds”-esque podcast, The Message, and highly recommends it. However, he hated the indie comedy, Drinking Buddies, with a passion, so, uhh….don’t watch that.

Taxes Suck - (401kcalculator.org)Meanwhile, Los has been learning from his Sensei, Joe STATE, the ways of comic books, and has slowly been collecting a small stack to read. We should start hearing regularly about his new ventures in the comic world soon. Finally, he had to have a heart to heart with his father about “Liking” photos of half naked women on Facebook and how they might start popping up in other people’s feeds…It was awkward, but funny.

Skari and Los have a bone to pick with the tax man this year. They both owe hundreds of dollars, which has never happened to either of them before. What gives? Hopefully next year will be better, but it was a real blow to the proverbial sack. Things haven’t really been adding up for Skari whatsoever, between needing a new car and a new place to live…Nothing is really coming into place and the bank account is looking lower than ever. Klaitu and Skari have been watching Cheers to…ahem, cheer themselves up. They noticed during their binge watching that Cliff Clavin has a certain Trees-like appeal, and they highly recommend it for any who haven’t experienced the joy of Cheers in awhile.Jen's Amazing Pizza

Good news, everyone! Jen’s ridiculously expensivemarginally overpriced…completely reasonable makeup palette that she bought the other week is the best thing ever! Whew, my heart was in my throat waiting for that piece of news. She’s still lining things up on her move right now, so there’s no updates on that, but she did go with Blake to PA for a awesome Birthday trip! Much beer, pizza, and water in Vodka shaped bottles was had. The hotels were…a little iffy, and the KIA Soul they rented could have used less gas, but otherwise, it was a fun trip. To work off all that beer and pizza fun, she’s teamed up with a coworker at the gym, who may be a teeny tiny more advanced than her with working out…That should be…fun? We’ll hear more about it in the weeks to come, no doubt!

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Question of the week

How do you feel about Kickstarter games? Are they a sham, or great if you trust the company?

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