Episode 23 – Monkeys, Interrupted

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Episode 23


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 23 Los, Skari, and Jen talk about Shadow of Mordor, Lifeline, Hyrule Warriors, Until Dawn, Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning, Delicious – Emily’s Hopes and Fears, Delicious – Emily’s True Love (we talk about a lot of Emily games, okay?), and Xenoblade Chronicles X!

Weekly Update

Well, it’s been a rough start to 2016. We lost Bowie. We lost Rickman. We lost Lemmy just before the New Year. Not the mention, the Monkeys themselves have had a rough go of it.

Los has probably had the best time out of the three of them. Day, the kids, and Los powered through Star Wars Episodes 4-6 so they could finally watch Episode 7! Finally, everyone in the entire world has now seen the latest Star Wars and it’s safe to talk about it. Los immediately dove into the dark end of the interwebs to start researching all of the theories he could, like he does. He also started a Star Wars Spoilers Thread on the forum, so you too can join with him in being a internet nerd. Los also rooted his first Amazon Fire tablet to strip it of all of its ads and junk, likely feeling super punk rock while doing it. Take that, Amazon! (Please don’t come and find us, Amazon. It was all Los’ idea!)

Jen's Fake Makeup

Jen is having a no good very bad week so far. First, she got a suspect batch of Chinese knock off makeup that she ordered from the Wish app. After noticing that it was, perhaps, not exactly what she thought she was ordering, she looked up what fillers that Chinese knock off companies use to fill out the palette. It was, it say the least, enlightening. Jen decided that maybe just throwing it away was the best course of action. She also didn’t have much luck with the Shipt company. After doing an experiment and seeing that there was about a $15 dollar difference in prices between what she buys and the fancy brands they would force on her, it didn’t seem very cost effective. Bummer.

Jen's Moving BoxThe biggest bummer of them all, however, is the fact that her apartment manager is now suddenly demanding thousands of dollars in back rent, all while she’s living in a place that barely functions, with lovely features like not being able to both toast bread and make coffee at the same time for fear of losing power. Seriously? Jen called bullshit and is now on the hunt for a new place, which is both stressful…well, just stressful, really. However, Jen’s getting through it like a trooper! You know, mostly.

Skari has also had an eventful week, and a rather stressful birthday. Through a series of events that are easier to listen to than to be written, shortly after she discovered she and Klaitu are expecting a wee little one, Skari got a call that her Father-In-Law had a heart attack. Needless to say, it was a very weird day with alternating congratulations and condolences. Skari was pretty much shell shocked throughout the entire day. Thankfully, her Father-In-Law seems to be making a full recovery and both he and the Mother-In-Law were very glad to hear the good news on a day that otherwise had a lot of bad, scary moments. Here’s hoping next week is more calm for all of the Monkeys!

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