Episode 20 – The Fake Los Awakens

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Episode 20


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Podcast Episode 20 we join Los, Skari, Jen, and very special guest, Klaitu, to talk about Bastion, Rocket League, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (Remastered Edition), King’s Quest, Star Citizen, and Fantasy Life!

Future Monkeys will be back on January 6th. In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family of Monkeys to yours!

Congratulations to JoeSTATE, who will be winning our copy of Destiny, and AwakenedHeathen, who will be winning Diablo! Los will be contacting you soon to get shipping information.

Weekly Update

Thank you for all of your end of the year voice mails, listeners! All of us were overjoyed with the outpouring of voicemail, and there could have been no better time for The Real (Fake) Los to make his triumphant return! We will be enjoying his new Christmas song for years to come.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Lights

With the end of the year, all of the Monkeys discussed their hopes for the new year. Los hopes to get back to Florida, and Jen hopes for good health. (While still being able to enjoy pizza and beer, of course!) Klaitu had two wishes for next year. First, he hopes for Taletell to make a new game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with a trailer narrated by the guy who did the jazzy trailer for Leviathan: Warships. His second wish is for Batman money, which we can assume is the same amount as Scrooge McDuck money. Basically, enough money to fill a giant vault with and swim around in. Skari just wishes to live in a place that isn’t falling apart around them…Perhaps the Batman money could help with that.

This week, Los spent a long time suck in the car in an attempt to enjoy a Christmas Lights display near Winston-Salem. His kids seemed to enjoy it, and they had a good time listening to The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack together, but the slow pace that the cars were moving at seemed a little excessive. Later in the week he got a chance to check out Google Cardboard, and it’s app. It’s basically sold him on VR, and now he and Day are looking into getting one of the new View-Masters for their kids. View-Master, the slide viewer we loved as children, now specializes in Virtual Reality.

Google Cardboard Viewer

Skari and Klaitu have been enjoying their week’s vacation together. They’ve been generally taking it easy and doing a whole lot of nothing, but they did go out to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 together. Klaitu enjoyed it, but thought it slowed down a little too much in the middle. Skari made the mistake of wearing makeup and basically came out with racoon eyes. The Hunger Games is hardcore on the feels. They’ve also exchanged gifts already. They’ve never actually made it to Christmas before exchanging gifts, and this year was no exception. Skari got Klaitu a myriad of smaller gifts she thought he would enjoyed, including a delightfully maddening little cast metal 3D puzzle from BePuzzled called Enigma. Klaitu pulled the big guns out this year and got her a PS4 Uncharted Bundle, so expect to see her on there this Christmas season! Yaaaay! (Both Klaitu and Skari will be playing under his PSN username, Klaitu, if you’d like to friend the pair of them and hadn’t already.)

PS4 Uncharted Bundle

Jen has had kind of a crummy week. Earlier in the week, she had a dentist appointment that resulted in a filling. That’s never fun, but she’s determined to double down on the whole flossing thing and avoid that in the future. (Even though flossing is a total pain in the ass, let’s just be honest with each other here.) She also bought the new Guitar Hero Live, but that was a total flop. She’d been a fan of Guitar Hero in the past, loving it for its rock heavy set lists, but this edition featured a lot of Pop songs that didn’t feature guitar at all. Which is odd, considering Guitar Hero being right in the title. She was so disgusted with it she’s boxing it up and getting rid of it one way or another. Here’s hoping Christmas provides her with some awesome things to take away the bad Guitar Hero memories.

The Primate Weekly

Show Ending Music

Question of the week

What’s your Game of the Year for 2015?

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