Episode 19 – Jen’s Not Completely Dying

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Episode 19


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 19 Los, Skari and Jen talk about Batman Arkham Knight, The Order: 1866, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game, Destiny SRL, Diablo 3, and Life is Strange.

Skari takes us back to her 1998 plaid-clad self, who was playing Creatures 2 at the time. Several very stupid Norns died during the course of their conversation. All of the Monkeys will apparently be playing Bastion sometime in the near Future, and Los is going to be getting into The Witcher 3, since it just won Game of the Year from The Game Awards show.

Holiday Giveaway 2015

Good news, everyone! We will be doing a very special giveaway this holiday season! We are giving a copy away of Destiny: The Taken King and Diablo 3: The Ultimate Evil Edition for PS4. To enter you must do the following:

  1. Give a positive review on iTunes for the Podcast (Previous reviews count)
  2. Sign up to the forums (Previous sign ups count)
  3. Answer next week’s QOTW with either the hashtag of #FMDiablo or #FMDestiny, OR #FMBoth to let us know which one you want. (If you’re not answering via Twitter, just be sure to let us know which one you’d prefer during your answer.)

And that’s it! Merry Christmas! [Hit up Skari if you have any further questions on the giveaway.]

Weekly Update

This week, Los does a lot of Christmas tree maintenance and gets into the swing of things with his kid’s Elf on the Shelf for another year. Neither Skari nor Jen really “get” Elf on the Shelf, but they also aren’t parents. In very exciting news, he replaced his beloved mixer, which Day accidentally broke some time back, with a Kitchenaid 5 Qt Stand Mixer from Kohl’s. Naturally, Los wheeled and dealed his way into saving a lot of money on it. He also discussed some of the times when his sales pitch to get better deals didn’t go so well, but eventually Los always comes out on top.

Creatures 2Skari’s had a pretty quiet week. She’s caught up on Daredevil (it was awesome), started Jessica Jones (it is super dark and cool), and watched Soaked in Bleach, a documentary about the conspiracy theory that Kurt Cobain was murdered by Courtney Love and didn’t commit suicide. The documentary features the PI who was working with Courtney to find Kurt just days before his death, focusing on the suspicion of her that caused him to record all of their conversations and harbor the belief that Kurt’s death was treated unjustly all these years. Skari found it to be pretty interesting.

Jen had a lot of work stuff going on this week. Jen’s employers recognized how awesome she is on a daily basis, which she accepted in a totally not awkward way. Yay, work stuff! Later, she went to wellness check for her insurance and found she was doing better with her health than she’d thought. Yay, health stuff! The time that wasn’t focused on work this week has been spent binge watching Good Eats on Netflix, because Alton Brown is a Science Wizard when it comes to food.

The Primate Weekly


If you think Los talks too much and you just want to get to a specific point, click on a time below:

Blog Updates – 01:46
Primate Weekly – 02:45
Banana Stand/Question of the Week – 23:07
Weekly Updates – 47:04
To the Past!! Creatures 2 – 01:26:44
Destiny: Sparrio Kart – 01:35:46
Diablo 3 – 01:47:56
Life is Strange Impressions – 01:56:07
Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game – 02:04:50
Batman Arkham Knight – 02:11:51
The Order: 1866 – 02:14:02

Show Ending Music

Question of the week

What’s your biggest hope for this next year, in gaming or life?

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