Episode 18 – Gooder Saint Los

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Episode 18


Games we’re talking about this week

Today on Future Monkeys Episode 18, Los, Skari and Jen discuss Star Wars Battlefront, Batman Arkham Knight, Guitar Hero, Fallout 4, and Broken Age.

Los revisits the Past with a look back at God of War 3, and Skari dips her toe into the near Future with King’s Quest Chapter 2.

Weekly Update

It’s a very Christmas Tree heavy week at Future Monkey’s headquarters as Los and Skari both get their trees up in time for a full season of holiday joy. This year Los gets his first real Christmas tree ever, and he did it up right, going out to a full-fledged Christmas tree farm in the middle of nowhere. Skari headed over to Ye Ol’ Home Depot, as is the Jay family tradition of the last several years, and got herself a fine Frasier Fir as well. Not to mention, there are two new very special My Little Pony ornaments at the center of her and Klaitu’s tree, because they’re like real adults and stuff.
Christmas Tree Farm
All of the Monkeys had a “Very Thanksgiving”, and enjoyed their holiday week off. Skari spent some time with Klaitu’s cousin and sister watching a very special Star Wars Holiday Special (the Rifftrax version). While this is a beloved holiday tradition for Klaitu and Skari, everyone else acted as though they were being tortured. This left them to question their tradition…Is everyone else just weak, or are they truly bizarre for loving this so much? At least they’re bizarre together.

There was much discussion about Black Friday in the show. Los seems to thrive in the chaos of it, Skari avoids it at all cost because of it’s dehumanizing nature, and Jen begrudgingly participates each year, even though it contributes to her growing hatred of society a little at a time. This year the deals were kind of weak, but Los played the saint while helping a hapless older couple pick out a console bundle. Meanwhile, Jen nearly loses her shit as everything in the world annoying happens to her.MLP Special Ornaments

When she’s not trying to resist the urge to beat up overly chatty Best Buy employees, Jen has been enjoying her new Kontrol Freeks that she got after Ve6a5 talked about them on Episode 12 of our podcast. Ve6a5 has to use them sparingly because of wrist strain, but she’s taken to them quite readily, and has been using them exclusively since she put them on. So, if you’re wanting to up your game, you might give ‘em a shot!

The Primate Weekly


If you think Los talks too much and you just want to get to a specific point, click on a time below:

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Question of the week

What’s your favorite gamer gift you’ve gotten at Christmas?

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