Episode 17 – We've got Movie Sign!

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Episode 17


Games we’re talking about this week

Today on Future Monkeys Podcast Episode 17, we’re joined by Los, Skari, and Jen as they talk about Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Star Wars Battlefront, and Fallout 4.

Jen takes us into the Past to visit the year of her birth, 1984, and to talk about the world’s most disturbing game about vegetables, Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom. It got weird. To check out some gameplay of this…unique game, here’s a youtube link to a playthrough! We went briefly, and uneventfully, into the Future, where we will all be playing the same games we’re already playing. However, Jen might try to talk Blake into playing more of Dragon Fin Soup so she can talk about it on the show.

We will not be recording for the Thanksgiving Holiday, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Weekly Update

Ancient Aliens Illuminati memeThis week, Los wheels and deals his way into a new PS4 with a Uncharted bundle deal that was going on. His PS4 no longer sounds like a spaceship in the middle of flight whenever it’s on, so that’s good! Later on during the podcast, Los reminded us all of the time when he nearly sliced off his own thumb while trying to kill a monster-sized Floridan lizard that was inside his home. We all enjoyed the retelling of the night his wife Day finally stopped laughing at him long enough to take him to the hospital. Finally, the Fake Los conspiracy continues as Fake Los writes an ode to Real Los’ and Day’s eternal love. Skari may have teared up a little, but she’s still pissed there hasn’t been a frakking voice mail, Fake Los!

The entire Monkey crew watched Inside Out over the last week and can give it the Future Monkey Stamp of Approval™. They all found it hilarious, and both Los and Skari had to fight back tears and man up to get through certain sadder portions of the movie. Jen didn’t have that problem, but Skari suspects it’s because she’s secretly a Cylon.

Jen’s week was pretty quiet. She took a nice long weekend and spent a lot of quality time with her new boyfriend, Fallout 4. She did, however, suffer one trauma that nearly took the entire Monkey crew out with horrified retching….a surprise hug at work. Ladies and Gents, nothing is worse than that, especially when they “apologize” by saying, “I’m sorry! I’m single and I needed the affection!” Jen may never recover.

SpeculaasSkari finally gives in to the Christmas holiday after the realization there’s nothing she can do to stop it, and that she might as well lean full into it. She’s now going to be celebrating ThanksChristmasween, complete with a candy cane motif witch hat and Christmas decorations the second October hits.

Earlier in the show, when talking about the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot, long time community member Ryan had asked her to say what her favorite old episode was. She decided to do a top five, in no particular order…

Skari’s Top Five in MST3K Episodes

Lastly, Skari picked up a book at random for her husband Klaitu, The Autobiography of James T. Kirk, a book that claims to tell Kirk’s story in “his own words”, with help from an editor, of course! She didn’t actually expect him to like it, but (so far) it gets the Super Trek Nerd Stamp of Approval™, with a warning that it is a little cheesy in some places. Keep in mind, he’s only halfway through it so far and he could want to burn it with fire by the end.

The Primate Weekly


If you think Los talks too much and you just want to get to a specific point, click on a time below:

Blog Update/Announcements – 02:28
The Primate Weekly – 10:30
The Banana Stand – 33:27
Weekly Update – 01:10:00
To the past! – 01:49:14
To the present! – 02:02:17
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – 02:04:23
Star Wars Battlefront – 02:15:12
Fallouttie 4000 – 02:23:37
To the future! – 02:34:40

Show Ending Music

Question of the week

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