Ep 48 – You can’t Beat-a a Makita

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Episode 48


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 48, Beardy McWhiskey, Skari, and Jen sit down to talk about Pokémon Art Academy, Fallout 4 – Vault-Tec DLC, Disney Crossy Road, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and No Man’s Sky.

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

This week, Jen busies herself with a jam-packed week full of curtain hanging for her luxury apartment. This includes such things as buying a new drill, finding correct drill bits, and doing it by herself! The devil sun is now well out of her house and she can once again snooze the day away in darkness. She also picked up the new Harry Potter book on Tuesday, but Skari refused to allow her to talk about it until she actually cracks the spine on it and can provide a comprehensive report on whether or not it’s good.

Skari has been going back to the old Harry Potter books, listening to the audiobooks one by one as narrated by Jim Dale. It’s been super awesome. Klaitu is also, weirdly, getting in on the Harry Potter scene. He’s decided, since Skari is so into the series, that he will attempt to watch them all to understand what it’s about. So far they’ve made it through the first two, the first movie being his favorite of the two. Chamber of Secrets, unfortunately, gets a little too cutesy in places. Stupid house elves.

Dobby is the worst

Speaking of new drills, Beardy got one! He still can’t find his old drill, so he went ahead and upgraded to a Makita. We’re not saying he lovingly caresses it every hour on the hour, but it kind of sounds like it. He’s also been enjoying his local Aldi’s, along with their recipes, but unfortunately learned just what can happen when you let your veggies get over-ripe. When not cleaning up the guts of exploded zucchinis, he’s been watching Penn and Teller’s Fool Us on Hulu, where magicians attempt to fool Penn and Teller with their tricks. Check out this clip from an earlier season that Skari talked about, it’s awesome.


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