Ep 45 – Something Something Pokemon, Probably

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Episode 45


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Podcast Episode 45, Los, Skari and Jen sit down to talk about Pokémon Go, like literally everyone else in the nation. We also managed to get in some talk about other games, including Adventures of Pip, Zero Time Dilemma, and Red Dead Redemption.

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Los is a proud papa this week as his kid, Seb, saved up all of his money and was able to buy himself two new Lego sets at Disney. Most importantly, he got them on sale, which warmed the cockles of Los’ bargain hunter heart. Los also set about putting together his own Lego Ghostbusters set, which he’d been setting aside for a special time, because…reasons. We try not to question Los too much around here. He also made some time to make a new blog post! Maybe he’ll get into blogging again, maybe not, but as Skari told him during the show, he should maybe try just getting small posts out there more regularly instead of making epic blog posts.

Pennywise has Pokemon!

Jen had an awesome time at her Weird Al concert! This is the fourth time she’s been out to see him and it’s the greatest every time. She also had a little time off this last week, which she spent watching a whole lot of Summer Games Done Quick, a charity event on Twitch. In other news, she took a long walk to check out Pokemon Go and discovered new, interesting artwork under the bridge she walked under, along with long stretches of road without sidewalk. Fascinating! Unfortunately, for all her walking, she didn’t catch any cool Pokemon, so she’s going to try more populated areas next time.

Jen's Totally Safe Neighborhood Tunnel

Skari is the only one who has fully put her foot down against Pokemon Go, so she didn’t do any of that walking around outside nonsense. It’s too damn hot. Instead, she’s been reading up on history with Dan Jones’ ‘The Wars of the Roses: The Fall of the Plantagenets and the Rise of the Tudors’, because history is fun! Especially when it includes gruesome beheadings and large scale wars. When she’s not reading up on that, she’s been dealing with a less adequate A/C, which isn’t really meshing with her pregnancy. Seen below is an actual picture of her sad, sad A/C unit on the far left. So sad. So rusty.

Sad AC

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