Ep 44 – Atom Bomb Baby

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Episode 44


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 44, Los and Skari are joined by special guest Klaitu. They talked about Lego the Force Awakens, Destiny, Fallout 4 Mods, and Catherine.

They also celebrated the one year anniversary of Ez-Mode Unlocked’s 300th, and final, episode! All of the Monkeys still really miss Rob, Dana, and Trees, so it was fun to look back.

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Los sparklers

Los had a day of too many good things to choose from on the 4th of July. He struggled between going to Disney and enjoying the fireworks there, or spending more time with his family and letting his kids run around the back yard with sparklers. Family won out in the end, but he’s definitely planning on going to Disney for their big show next week. Speaking of Disney, did you know you can spend $85 dollars on a 8 inch cake there in the fancy Disney Springs shopping district? Well, you can, so there’s that bit of valuable information. I wonder how much better a $85 cake tastes versus your basic Duncan Hines variety. It’s safe to say, I’ll probably never know.

Skari and Klaitu had a relatively relaxed 4th of July, but they unfortunately found out that restaurants aren’t really open for the holiday, which left them going to Swadley’s… This was a mistake, both for their taste buds and their tummies. Never again, Swadley’s. Never again.

Expensive Cake

There was some heated Pottermore discussion on the show when Skari and Los talked about the new changes to the site. It’s just not the same! The few quizzes that remain are fun, but it’s changed from a place to explore the world of Harry Potter into the Buzzfeed of Harry Potter. (Actual article, 11 things the Room of Requirement should’ve turned into.) Both Los and Skari also feel robbed by being missorted into the wrong House. Skari is so clearly Ravenclaw, and has been sorted into that House a million times. Los is SO CLEARLY Hufflepuff. They were both sorted into Gryffindor. WTF, Pottermore. WTF. Okay, so maybe 30 year olds shouldn’t be worried about this too much, but seriously, it’s kind of a thing. However, the site still has some areas of interest, including a new short story about a North American school of Witchcraft and Wizardry called Ilvermorny, along with brand new North American houses to be sorted into. (Los and Skari both got sorted into Thunderbird, but they haven’t formed any dramatic attachments to any of the new houses, so this was fine.) So…if you’re a Potter fan, check that out!

Bullet Journal

Klaitu hasn’t been up to much, but he did tell a wonderful story about their friendly neighborhood flasher that ran around their apartment complex a few weeks ago. You can always depend on Klaitu for a good story.

Skari has been sucked in by the Bullet Journal community, a system developed by Ryder Carroll to take any basic journal and turn it into the perfect planner/journal/whatever you want. (For an explanation, see his short video here.) It has the added benefit of being all in one place, instead of across several different journals, planners, or phone apps. Skari’s finding she’s having a lot more to keep track of lately, and it will probably double after the baby gets here. So, instead of trying to find the perfect app to fit her needs, or a fancy planner that costs way too much, she decided to give it a try and so far is really enjoying it. Yay, organization!

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