Ep 43 – The Great Digression

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Episode 43


Games we’re talking about this week

Today on Future Monkeys Episode 43, Los, Skari, and Jen talk about Lego Marvel Avengers, Doom, Pillars of Eternity, and Heavy Rain!

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

The Monkeys are all back this week! At least, temporarily. Jen is off next week for a sweet Weird Al concert.

Los has returned from two weeks worth of 24/7 “Dadding” while Day was off getting trained for her new job. He handled it like a Dadding pro, of course, and all is well. Though, he is quite happy to have her back, naturally. In his downtime, he’s been working on a new desk set up and updating his food blog to make it look better on bigger screens. Additionally, he experienced the joys of renting when his oven and dishwasher broke at the same time, and he didn’t have to pay a single cent towards fixing it. Yay, renting!

Jen has gone full Apple this week, getting herself a new iPhone 6+ and an iPad Mini 3. She’s pretty happy with the usability of both products, no longer in a place in her life where she really wants to fiddle with settings and instead just wants something that works and is aesthetically pleasing. Besides the whole Apple conversion, she’s been watching MatPat’s Game Lab on YouTube Red and highly recommends it. It’s sort of comparable to a Myth Busters for video games, where he invites other YouTubers on his show to test whether or not game scenarios are possible.  (Side note, if you’re not subscribed to his regular channels, The Game Theorists and The Film Theorists, you really should check them out.) Finally, she went and saw Finding Dory, and while it wasn’t quite as good as Zootopia, she found it very entertaining. Check it out!

Skari’s been slowly getting the baby room together. Like, think of trying to pour out molasses on a cold winter morning, but even more slowly. She did get a beautiful, pre-assembled baby crib from her in-laws…Unfortunately, it didn’t quite fit through the door of the nursery, so they had to disassemble the entire crib and put it back together again in the room. Queue sad trombone music. She also got an awesome item for herself, which has been quite helpful as she enters her third trimester. She read up on the interwebs about how awesome exercise/stability balls are for pregnant ladies, to help with hip pain and such, and decided to purchase one to use as a computer chair. After researching a little bit, she decided to go with the Black Mountain Stability Ball and it’s been awesome. She’s finally been able to sit at the computer for longer than 20 minutes at a time, and her hips have felt much better in general. Yay!

Question of the week

Picture Jen in a coffee house, writing a novel on her iPad & wearing a beret. What’s the title/summary of a perfectly Jen novel?

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