Ep 41 – The Happiest Down Payment on Earth

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Episode 41


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 41, Jen and Skari talk about the Dead Before Dawn Beta and Saturday Morning RPG, while Los spends some time talking about how he’s not actually playing anything, which amounts to playing any Lego game he currently owns, plus some Destiny.

Dead Before Dawn sacrifice

Thanks again to Fred Rojas from Gaming History 101 and The B-Team Podcast for the beta codes to Dead Before Dawn!

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Los has many new things going on this week. He’s been watching The Mind of a Chef on Netflix, narrated by the wonderful Anthony Bourdain, and he finished up the second season of Catastrophe. His kids are getting older, one just turned three and the other graduated from Kindergarten, so he’s feeling like a proud papa…and also a little old. He let his subscription to PS Vue lapse, but if you’re looking at cutting cable while still retaining some of those cable channels, the $30 a month it costs is not a bad deal. Finally, he and Day plopped down some major cash for yearly passes to Disney World, but they’re in such close proximity to it now, and they love it so much, they (mostly) don’t feel guilty about the price tag.

Jen's Nintendo Vans

Jen got herself some sweet new kicks at the mall, a pair of the brand new Nintendo Vans that have been all the rage on the interwebs the last few weeks. She’s been binge watching the Jurassic Park series, which is now streaming on Netflix. There was some rather deep discussion on some of the more ridiculous plot points of the franchise, but Los proudly stuck up for the beloved series, regardless of logic gaps. She’s also signed up for some new yoga classes, which may or may not be trying to kill her. She’s struggling through like a champ, though.

Skari isn’t up to much, though there has been some recent drama around her work about some ducks and geese that have met a bad end. It’s either because of someone or something outright attacking them, or some sort of avian flu, it’s hard to determine so far. Normally, looking out of her office window, she can see tons of ducks and geese puttering along, picking at the grass, doing their ducky and goosey thing with their babies following along. Today, she sees none, and it’s a little sad.

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