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Episode 40


Games we’re talking about this week

This week on Future Monkeys Episode 40, we join Los, Skari and Jen in talking about Destiny, Lego Jurassic Park, Disney Magic Kingdoms, Valkyria Chronicles, WoW, and Shadowrun Returns!

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M'Lady Body Pillow - Via RedditLos wasted a good two hour drive and gas money over the holiday at a Flea Market that did not live up to his expectations. He did, however, get a cool new book, S. by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst, which is…impossible to explain…But check out Los’ unboxing to see how cool it is! In other Los-ie news, his wife is getting a new job because her old job sucks! Hooray! And Los is totally into Snapchat for the moment. So, that’s a…thing…that you can also take part in. (Skari and Jen refuse.)

Jen finally got her results back from her heart test, and Jen’s heart is normal! So says the doctor, anyway. Skari still thinks it’s a heart of darkness and misplaced Nintendo love. To reduce the stress that may be causing the weird heart palpitations, she’s been trying a few different things, including meditation with the Headspace app. She’s also been watching Steven Universe and recommends it to those who like cartoons, stating that it’s a bit more mature than Adventure Time. Finally, she’s looking forward to getting to go to the 2016 Playstation E3 Experience at her local movie theater. Skari and Los spent some time schooling her on what t-shirt choices to wear to stand out to the local gents. Nothing says “romantic advances wanted” like a t-shirt with a microbrew label on it, right guys?

Skari has been doing pretty much nothing but reading comic books the last two weeks. She took the plunge and signed up for Marvel Unlimited, a $10 a month subscription that allows her to read the vast majority of the Marvel backlog. She’s already read enough comics to pay for her subscription three times over, and has been reading the Civil War comics that the new Captain America: Civil War movie was based on. She’s been following the Comic Book Herald’s blog for the Marvel Civil War Reading Order and recommends his amazing website for anyone who’s wanting to know where to start when diving into the Marvel universe.

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