Ep 38 – R Rated Grandmas

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Episode 38


Games we’re talking about this week

Despite some technical difficulties, all of the Monkeys managed to make it on the show tonight! Los, Skari, and Jen sat down and talked about Quantum Break, Uncharted 4, and The Charnel House Trilogy!

Los took us back to the Past to 2007, revisiting Drake’s Fortune, in honor of Uncharted 4’s arrival. Finally, Skari decided to take a quick trip into the Future to talk about The Black Watchmen, a Augmented Reality Game that uses real life events, along with carefully crafted websites and documents made by the game’s developer, to craft a spooky conspiracy theory based puzzle solver, similar in vein to an X-Files episode.

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Los went to Seaworld with the family over Mother’s Day weekend, but after an unsatisfying time looking at depressed animals, he thinks he’s pretty well done with the park. He also visited with his father, who used to have a Superintendent job in New York when they lived there. Los recalled his father once found a stack of old comics from an abandoned apartment, and it turns out he still had them. Looking through them, Los discovered that they might be quite valuable comics from the 40s. Way to go, Los! Lastly, he and Daynette have been laughing their butts off at a new Amazon comedy, Catastrophe, and he recommends to listeners to check it out.

Los Comic Stash

Jen finally got herself a sweet new gaming mouse after deciding she plays WoW enough to justify the purchase. She also saw Civil War, which she said was totally awesome while swooning over Captain America. There was also a small trip to the doctor’s office over some weird problems she’s been having, but she’s waiting to hear more about that for now.

Skari went to a ‘VHS and Chill’ party at Klaitu’s cousin’s house, a lowkey retro party in his garage with his Wall O’ TVs and a VHS player. They settled on watching Spaceballs and did, in fact, chill for awhile with some of his other friends, so Skari succeeded at social interaction, if only for a few hours. She’s also started listening to a new podcast, suggested by one Yummy Flaquito, about various unexplained mysteries and other such spooky stuff. You can check it out at the Unexplained Podcast website if that sounds like it’s up your alley!

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Question of the week

Now that Disney Infinity is out of the game, do you think this spells the end of the Toys to Life genre?

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