Ep 36 – My Imaginary Penis

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Episode 36


Games we’re talking about this week

The Monkeys are all back! Hooray! Los, Skari, and Jen sit down together, finally, and discuss the Mirror’s Edge Beta, Destiny: Iron Banana (or Iron Banner, officially), Star Fox Zero, and HuniePop!

The Primate Weekly

Weekly Update

Aiko - HuniepopLos didn’t have much of an update this week, unfortunately he had to dip out of the show early because of some unfortunate news. His dad was hospitalized, but thankfully he’s now doing okay and should make a full recovery. Feel better soon, Los’s Pop!

Skari’s been settling in to her new place and doing other boring moving stuff. However, she got a super great gift from her in-laws, a new washer and dryer! It’s about a million times bigger than her old small apartment sized washer and dryer. Of course, along with moving to a new place, there’s the first few nights of getting used to sleeping in it. There were some struggles, not helped by the fact that her upstairs neighbors like to get up and walk about at 3:30 in the morning, but she’s slowly getting used to it. Now if Klaitu would only get used to the constant metal clang of people missing shots on the basket ball court, the same basket ball court that he was so sure no one used.

Jen’s had a relatively rough week in gaming. Star Fox Zero made her eyes cross with anger, and the mobile game Dragonvale, which she hates so much she didn’t even bother bringing up in the games section, is a giant piece of money grabbing horse shit. To top it off, her let’s play of the new Ratchet and Clank game got immediately flagged by the movie studio that’s putting out the new movie, and removed. Hopefully Jen has a better week with her beloved hobby next week!

Show Ending Music

Question of the week

Skari is finding out if she’s having a boy or girl before the next show! What do you think it’s going to be? A little Klaitu or a little Skari?

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