Disney Infinity Corner | Rise Against the Empire Play Set Unboxing

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Rise against the empire play set unboxing

Continuing on from the Saga Bundle unboxing, comes what will be an integral addition to your Disney Infinity 3.0 collection.

Like I mentioned, the contents of the $115 Saga Bundle are timed exclusives, along with the regular starter pack you could find in stores today. These timed exclusives are what make the Saga Bundle so attractive to fans like me. Yeah, you’ll be able to pick them up whenever they’re available, but having them now before everyone else actually feels special.

And this one is a pretty big exclusive too! The Rise Against the Empire Play Set is an entire level based on the original trilogy. From what I played of it so far, it feels extremely true to the movies and plays wonderfully. Sadly I haven’t gotten to play as much as I would’ve liked by now since I feel bad if I’m not playing with the kid. But I hope to beat it and review it before it releases on September 29th.

The package consists of a Death Star play set piece – which is easily the best freaking play set piece in all of Disney Infinity – and the figures of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. I love the figures for a few reasons. No, they’re not as flashy or as detailed as other figures, but they capture the essence of their characters perfectly.


Looking at Princess Leia, she has a very powerful tone about her. The strong willed princess that you know from the movies comes through in the figure as if it were a mirror.


She’s wearing all white and is basically just standing there, but that stance and look is enough for me to appreciate the figure immensely. As I’m sure all who look up to her character will.



Luke Skywalker is another one that is captured amazingly for being such a simple figure.

He’s not the awesome, confident Jedi Knight from Return of the Jedi, but the unknowing, and unguided farm boy from A New Hope. And that’s what shines through.

His stance with his lightsaber tells a story. It shows his transition from farm boy to Jedi, and it’s written on his face too. And if you look at his face, along with the the way he’s standing holding the lightsaber, I wouldn’t be surprised if the figure was based on his first encounter with Darth Vader.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that makes him pretty awesome!

Everything about the Rise Against the Empire play set makes me love what they’re doing with 3.0. Looking at the figures, how they’re modeled, along with what I’ve played so far of the play set, it’s easy to see the love and care the creators have for Star Wars. 3.0 is getting nothing but rave reviews everywhere I’m looking and it’s awesome to see. Being such a fan of Disney Infinity and Star Wars, I couldn’t be happier right now, both for those involved in making it possible, and to have the ability to play it all with my kid.

Look forward to more Disney Infinity 3.0 madness around here! I’ll have some gameplay videos, impressions, reviews, and more unboxings coming soon! If you can’t wait and would like to check out my unboxings as they’re published, then be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more!

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