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Disney Infinity 3.0 Boba Fett Unboxing

The last piece to the Saga Bundle comes in the form of the most notorious bounty hunter in the Galaxy… Boba Fett!

Since everything came in its own retail packaging in the Saga Bundle, I’m lucky enough to dedicate an entire post to a figure that most people won’t be able to get a hold of until January! And boy, oh boy, what a figure!

Without even thinking about it, Boba Fett is the best looking, most detailed figure in 3.0 so far. He’s got a ton of stuff going on and almost all of it stands out immensely. His pose looking like he’s in the middle of a fire fight, his armor and how detailed it is from the colors to the dings in his helmet, and then his cape flapping in the wind giving even more detail to how captured in action his stance is. Like I said, he’s easily the best looking figure so far and I freaking love it.

But as awesome as he is I still haven’t played with him yet! I know, tell me about it! I’ve been playing a little in the toy box by myself, but I mostly play with Seb. And Boba Fett is seriously the only figure this kid wanted when we got our haul. I’m lucky I went in already planning to get the Saga Bundle because I don’t think he would’ve understood the whole time exclusive thing, nor would he had taken it lightly.

So yeah, he looks awesome in the game and it seems like he’s a blast to play. But I haven’t touched him because I’d feel bad for using Seb’s favorite figure. Because then I’d rank him up, and then I’d have to upgrade him and make him even more awesome, and I’d be taking that away from the kid so I’m just leaving Boba alone for right now.

It is good though, that Boba, just like every other Star Wars figure, is available to play in all of the Star Wars play sets. So throughout the levels, you’ll eventually be able to unlock him in either the Twilight of the Republic or the Rise Against the Empire playsets. Of course, you’ll also be able to play with him in the toy box where you can do funny things like get him beat up by Olaf.

For anyone else out there who didn’t pick up the Saga Bundle, I would totally recommend making Boba Fett a day one purchase. I’m sure he’ll be well stocked and won’t be hard to find or anything (c’mon, he’s not an amiibo, but if he was, you’d be in trouble!), but he is DEFINITELY a figure you need in your collection. I could see Fett fans who don’t even play video games seeking this figure out just to display him. Because I know I would!

If you enjoyed this post and the unboxing then check back frequently because I still have loads more coming! The Disney Infinity 3.0 madness won’t stop now that the lost corner has been discovered! And if you want to hit up my unboxing videos before they get posted here, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Look forward to more soon!

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