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    Destiny 2 Game

    Kind of expected, but not always guaranteed with a Limited Edition. Looking at you, Mass Effect Andromeda remote controlled Nomad…

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    Destiny 2 Expansion Pass

    The beef of the goodies. Worth $35 on its own, this makes it all worth it.

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    Steelbook Case

    C’mon now. What WOULDN’T you do for a steelbook case? I know my list is short.

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    Premium DIgital Content

    Sweet, precious loot. Legendary sword, legendary emote, Cabal Empire themed emblem. Also included was the Coldheart exotic trace rifle which was part of the pre-order bonus content.

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    Cabal-themed Collector's Box

    The most disappointing item of the Limited Edition. The box iteself leaves much to be desired. But the contents are cool: Booklet containing secrets of the Cabal, a Cabal schematic, postcard images, Cabal themed sticker, Cabal military pawns.

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    GameStop Exclusive Limited Edition

    I’m not a fan of store-exclusive anything, especially Limited Editions. I understand why. It’s easier to manage inventory of a bigger box if it’s just in one store. But it just makes it harder to track down if you’re not quick on the pre-order trigger.



Hi, I’m Los. And I’m a Limited Edition-aholic. For some reason, no matter what sense enters my head, I seem to gravitate towards these boxes of junk you don’t really need.

But this one is totally justified though, I swear! See, the expansion pass is worth $35 by itself. If you’re buying the expansion pass (which, I KNEW I would be eventually if I didn’t get it at launch) then this $99 edition was worth the purchase. I mean, look at that steelbook!

Honestly, I’m glad for that steelbook because the actual Cabal themed box was pretty disappointing. You can tell in the video it’s very.. uh.. boxy and not worth a second look. Previous Destiny LE’s had awesome books that felt worn and weathered.

The book inside the box, however, is a good read and worth having in your collection if you’re a Destiny fan. Despite it not having the presentation of other LE books from the game.

When it comes to Destiny, it’s a very love-hate relationship with me. I absolutely adore the game. I bought the Ghost Edition when Destiny first released, which you can see right here on YouTube (I love watching old unboxing videos), and the Limited Edition for Taken King, which you can check out right here on the site. I’m no stranger to plopping down money for Destiny and do it happily. But when I’m burnt out from it like I was for a long time, I don’t care to hear anything about it.

Still though, I managed to pre-order the Limited Edition, despite not really wanting to. That meh feeling turned out to be pretty strong because I cancelled that pre-order a few weeks before launch! ….. only to go on a mad hunt for it on launch day because the hype got me hard (If you’re interested in the whole LE hunting story, check out episode 85 of the show). And I’m glad it did because so far I’m feeling the hook in me. I can’t wait to continue playing and getting into it like I did before.

Enjoy the game, Guardians! Look forward to hearing about it more on the show! (sorry Beardy.)

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