Coming Out on Top Review – Amos Update

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Release Date
08/23/2015 (This update)


About This Update
This update is free. If you have already purchased the game, you will need to use the link emailed to you when you first bought the game in order to get it. I kinda wish it were a bit easier to get the update, but I’m still glad there’s more content being added. Gives me a reason to go back! There is also a physical version to be released “sometime around the end of the year.” It will be a final version and include all the updates, if you’d rather just wait for that.

 Obscurasoft continues to update their amazing and raunchy dating sim Coming Out on Top with a new character.

(You can find my original review here.)

The first of several additional characters to be added in, Amos, definitely stands out from the rest of the crowd! In the words of the developer, “Amos was originally going to provide a *tryst* that was supposed to be as half as long as the other routes. Well, it’s no longer a tryst but a fleshed-out story, as long, if not a bit longer, than the others.” And, boy, she wasn’t kidding!


An intellectual who enjoys wrestling. Definitely unique! 😀

Originally met through a branching path of Ian’s romance storyline, he makes a bold first impression by scaring off bar flies with loud poetry. Amos is finally a guy who’s more to my tastes, physically, but his personality takes quirky to a whole new level.

He’s an intelligent, poetic, romantic, florist, who drives a motorcycle, has a disabled dog, and is also a wrestling enthusiast. Completely logical and realistic for someone to have such diverse interests, but much like some the other romance options, some of the events and dialogue are just weird for comic effect. [Not to say the game fails at being funny though. : )]

Why would he go out with you again if he's this displeased?

Why would he go out with you again if he’s this displeased?

I’m not going to spoil any of the story, but while he does have more endings than the other characters, it’s a bit more cut-and-dry on how to get them. Which may or may not be a bad thing. However, as far as Amos’s character goes, I find it hard to believe he’d be interested in second or third dates when you’re going the weird, mean, or sexual routes.

Amos: “That’s exactly it. There’s nothing cooler than ‘just going along’ is there?”
You: “LOL. You are so right. Wanna fuck?”
Amos: “No.”

Suffice it to say, even though Amos didn’t make me feel tingly inside like some of the other love interests, he still makes a wonderful addition to the already great cast of characters, and the writing in it is just as superb and hilarious as the rest of the game.

Edgy, the freaking ruler. Genius!

Edgy, the freaking ruler. Genius!

My final verdict is the same as it was in the first review.

Verdict – Buy

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