Awakenedheathen’s PERSONA 4 GOLDEN GUIDE (or how I stopped worrying, and learned to love the blog) aka “How Sempai Won the War”

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Yo yo, Future Monkeys! Chase, a.k.a. awakened heathen here! Since I have dedicated the last few weeks to consume myself in the world of Persona, I thought I’d share some insight to help you guys through certain parts to make sure you don’t get a bad ending. If you’re not careful, you can end the game 20 hours early, you … Read More

Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations Review

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Official Website Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations pays homage to the old style of adventure game, while still keeping it fresh and being accessible to players of all ages. Also, you know, it’s Adventure Time which makes it three times as awesome. Dance Party! Dance Party! Sectioned into five chapters (or rather “graybles” presented by our old pal, Cuber) … Read More

Unboxing | No Man’s Sky Limited Edition

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No Man’s Sky!! So crazy, that we could now happily go out, buy it, and venture into this vast universe that we’ve longed for so.. long.. As always, I took some pictures because, hey, someone has to be a super ultra dork around here. Might as well be me. The contents aren’t great in number, but they’re really nice to … Read More

Human Resource Machine – First Impressions

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Official Website Human Resource Machine is a delightful, quirky, adorable, and incredibly challenging puzzle game. While I’m about half-way through the game, and I’m absolutely in love with it, I’ve reached the point where my brain can no longer comprehend so many commands at once. Therefore, I cannot finish, but I’m at least quite proud of my 18/39 completion! There … Read More