Awakenedheathen’s PERSONA 4 GOLDEN GUIDE (or how I stopped worrying, and learned to love the blog) aka “How Sempai Won the War”

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Yo yo, Future Monkeys! Chase, a.k.a. awakened heathen here! Since I have dedicated the last few weeks to consume myself in the world of Persona, I thought I’d share some insight to help you guys through certain parts to make sure you don’t get a bad ending. If you’re not careful, you can end the game 20 hours early, you could miss most of December, and all of January and February, and (not a spoiler, you know this from the beginning of the game) skip to you going back home to your parents.

Luckily the things that can end the game can be easily fixed. Not like something you did way earlier in the game that would be a pain to go back to.

I know you all can look it up on reddit easily. But you run the risk of spoiling the game for you. I am going to be vague. You aren’t really going to get what I mean about any of this stuff until you get there. So I’ll make it so you can recognize it, but vague enough to not spoil the story. You’ll still feel like you are going in blind but without the headache of boom! Credit roll! So best to check this out when you’re into the game.

Most of this is in the month of December.

December 3rd

First You’ll end up in a room with a man. When Youske is proposing something, use these responses (if you don’t there are multiple ways the game will end here non are that good):

Wait a second here…
We’re missing something.
BLANK’s true feelings.
Something’s been bothering me.
We’re missing something…
Calm the hell down!

December 5th

Next time the game can end you are thinking in your head who the killer could be. You’ll have three guesses. If you guess wrong 3 times, the game will end.

Slight spoiler if you’re really stuck (highlight to see) – think really hard about who you see all over town and showing up at seemingly random times.

One last tip for December

Do the dungeon for this month on December 21 (last test day) so you can get all the knowledge from the class questions and you can work on any social links. Make the most of December. If you do the dungeon when it’s first available, the game will skip to Christmas. If you do it after 12/22, you’ll miss Christmas (noooooo!). You don’t want to that, the Christmas romance scene is adorable. And if you wait too long… well, the game will end, but you should already know that!

March 20th

Next, on this day you will be saying goodbye to all your maxed out social links. Once you are done, the game will ask if you if you want to go home. Say NO, go to the Junes food court instead.

Also Dojima isn’t in the house, he is outside the house. Don’t go inside or you’ll end the game (that’s going home).

Do all this and you’ll get the TRUE ending.

For the golden ending, do all above but have The Aeon Arcana (Marie) social link maxed before December 24th.

That’s all I got! If you still can’t figure something out, and don’t mind something spoiled, go ahead and message me and I’ll tell you. But remember, if you find yourself at the credits suddenly, you can quit the game without saving and try it again. Just fast forward through scenes you’ve seen. It’s a pain but the endings are worth it!

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